HCRI Talk Simone Giertz

Simone Giertz drew nearly two hundred people to the Granoff Center. If you missed her talk you can find it here (Simone shows up after missing her train at 22 min 30 sec in if you want to fast forward):


Known worldwide as the “Queen of Sh***y Robots”, Simone Giertz is an inventor and renowned comedic YouTuber. In 2015, Simone built her first robot, the toothbrush helmet, and has since built an audience following her many more crazy robotic inventions, including the automatic lipstick machine and the wake-up machine. She brings a humorous flair to her videos showcasing her inventions, including TV Shop parodies; but most importantly, Simone mashes science and humour to explore why it’s critical to build useless things.

Simone Giertz has also previously worked in MMA sports journalism, and as an editor for Sweden’s official website Sweden.se. Giertz employs deadpan humor to demonstrate mechanical robots of her own creation to automate everyday tasks; despite working from a purely mechanical standpoint, they often fall short of practical usefulness, for comic effect. Giertz’s creations have included an alarm clock that slaps the user, a lipstick applier, and one that shampoos the user’s hair. When building her robots, Giertz does not aim to make something useful, instead coming up with excessive solutions to potentially automatable situations. She has been featured in TIME, Make, College Humor, Huffington Post and other media outlets.

The talk was Co-sponsored by the Department of Modern Culture and Media

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