Research Spaces

HCRI aims to facilitate members, Faculty, and Students doing research in three spaces on campus.

The first space is the newly opened 8th floor of the Sciences Library, which houses the Human Robot Interaction testing area with a motion capture and camera tracking system, a robot build area in the Internet Of Things Lab, and numerous breakout tables to be used for student classes and hackathons.

The Robotics Lab in CIT 115 and 121 will continue as traditional robotics testing areas with a focus on software development.

The Brown Design Workshop (BDW) will be used for building robots.

HCRI is also investigating an appropriate location for UAV research on Brown’s campus.

HCRI is ensuring all these spaces are part of the Brown RLAB wireless network, supporting special access for headless computers and robots. This will allow researchers and students to easily move robots between the areas without network connectivity issues.